Lamborghini Gallardo front and side view

What models of Lamborghini Gallardo are there?

How many different Gallardo models did Lamborghini make?

With current known production numbers, the Lamborghini Gallardo has the highest production numbers of any Lamborghini model. Lamborghini produced the Gallardo from 2003 to 2013 making over 14,000 Gallardo vehicles in all, and many of them were of different models. How many different Gallardo models did Lamborghini make? We are going to attempt to answer that.

Lamborghini Gallardo side viewDid the Gallardo debut as a Coupe?

Much like all other Lamborghini models, the Gallardo debuted as a Coupe in 2003, but Lamborghini quickly followed it with the Spyder version in 2006 which included a retractable soft top. This would just be the beginning of Gallardo models. Two Coupe special editions soon followed with the two-tone Gallardo SE in 2005 and the matte black Gallardo Nera in 2007.

What is the Gallardo Superleggera?

After the Coupe and the Spyder proved wildly successful, each selling over a thousand in their first full years, Lamborghini decided to kick things up a notch with the Gallardo Superleggera in 2007. It was a performance version of a performance car with 523 horsepower on tap, and liberal use of carbon fiber throughout.

When did the Gallardo receive a facelift?

It was after the first Superleggera, that the Gallardo received a facelift. It debuted with the LP 560-4 in 2008 adopting a naming scheme that Lamborghini still uses today. Lamborghini followed this Coupe with the LP 560-4 Spyder later that year. Both models had a blistering 552 horsepower available.

Now that the standard Gallardo outdid the Superleggera pre-facelift, Lamborghini wanted a new performance version. When the LP 570-4 Superleggera debuted in 2010 pushing 562 horsepower and more performance upgrades allowing for a top speed of 204 mph, Lamborghini enthusiasts were beyond happy. This was followed up in 2011 with the LP 570-4 Performante. Unlike the current Huracan Performante, the Gallardo Performante was a Spyder version of the Superleggera.

Was there a two-wheel drive Gallardo?

Racecar drivers converted many early racecar versions of the Gallardo to two-wheel drive to conform to series rules.

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However, an actual two-wheel-drive streetcar from the factory didn’t come out until the LP 550-2 Coupe in 2010. The LP 550-2 Spyder appeared in 2011.

Huracan rear wheel drive models

Special edition Gallardo models

The last three years of the Gallardo were littered with special editions. In all, we counted 17 different special editions from this era.

From the LP 560-4 Polizia, a car designed for the Italian State Police, to the LP 570-4 Superleggera Nero Nemesis which was designed specifically for the Taiwanese market, there was a lot to keep track of. It was enough to fill a whole other blog in fact.

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