Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder front view

How many Huracan models have been produced?

Is the Huracan the most popular Lamborghini model ever?

Lamborghini is still proudly making the Huracan to this day, so any number that we put on the Huracan is set to change of course, but recently the Huracan officially surpassed a significant milestone. Is the Huracan the most popular Lamborghini model ever? It did just pass a significant milestone.

Not only did Lamborghini produce over 14,000 units, but it made over 14,022 units. That may seem like a small difference, but it really isn’t. The Gallardo used to have the top spot, but it had the top spot with 14,022 units. That means the Huracan now has more models in existence than any other Lamborghini model ever did.

How long did it take the Huracan to surpass the Gallardo in production?

It feels like the Huracan has been around forever. It has accomplished so much and added so many features that it’s like the supercar has been around for a decade, but actually it has only been in production since 2014. That means, it only took five years for the Huracan to have over 14,000 units in existence.

By comparison, the Gallardo had a production cycle that was ten years long. It was produced from 2003 to 2013 and it is the direct predecessor to the Huracan. We cannot say for certain how many years the Huracan will be in production before it is replaced with something new, but this model has staying power as evidenced by the number 3 spot that it still holds on the Nürburgring track records list (number 1 is the Aventador SVJ) and its futuristic styling.

What will beat the Huracan in units produced?

This is an interesting question, and normally we wouldn’t have an answer for you, but we have the Urus. Already, the Urus is proving to be a popular option. In the first half of 2019, Lamborghini delivered 4,553 vehicles, of those 649 were Aventador models and 1,211 were Huracan models.

That means that 2,693 models were Urus SSUVs. Those who have a special spot in their hearts for models like the Huracan and the Aventador should not fret. The Urus will help pave the way for even more exciting advances on those fronts.