Lamborghini Urus side view

Is your Lamborghini among the top sellers for the first six months of 2019?

What Lamborghini vehicle was the top seller for 2019 so far?

The first half of the fiscal year came in roaring like a lion for Lamborghini. They delivered 4,553 vehicles across the world. When comparing the first six months of 2018 and the first six months of 2019, Lamborghini saw a 96% sales increase. What Lamborghini vehicle was the top seller for 2019 so far? Keep reading to see if your vehicle or your favorite brand made the list!

Which cars have been the top sellers so far for 2019?

The vehicle that was the largest contributor to sales for the first half of the year was the Super SUV Urus. This was not a surprise since the Urus is the most recent Lamborghini model. Of the 4,553 cars delivered across the globe, 2,693 were the Super SUV Urus. The next top seller was the super sports car, the Huracán; 1,211 of these vehicles were delivered. The following top seller was another super sports car, the Aventador SVJ; 649 of these vehicles were delivered.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder side and back view

Lamborghini Avantador SVJ side and front view

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What is the largest market for Lamborghini?

The largest market for Lamborghini was the United States of America with Greater China, United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany right behind. Many markets saw an increase in sales by well over 50%. The United States of America increased its sales by 128% to 1,543 vehicles. Asia Pacific increased its sales by more than 50% to 1,184 vehicles. Europe, Middle East, and Africa increased their sales by 67% to 1,826 vehicles.

What does the future of Lamborghini hold?

 “Lamborghini continues to be inconsistently good shape. Delivering another new all-time high, for the fifth consecutive half-year, confirms the sustainability of our brand, product, and commercial strategy.” – Stefano Domenicali, Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Lamborghini recently finished an expansion of their facilities in Italy to make room for the production of their newest model, the Urus. They are seeing continuous success and growth, and it does not look like that will be changing any time soon. Further models could be on the horizon for Lamborghini. Check back to stay up to date with where Lamborghini goes in the future

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